Manaslu region is yet another trekking region with all the geographical features and diversified natural beauty and culture. Manaslu region has become really famous and has been getting more and more visitors every year. Despite the region is still less crowded and one of the best destinations for escaping the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Mansalu has been in the radar of the most of the visitors frequenting Nepal.

The breathtaking view of the eighth highest mountain Mt. Manaslu (8,152 m)is always in the background and you get closer as you ascent through the ancient trail of Manaslu region. Mansalu Circuit Trekking is the most famous and common trekking in the region. The circuit trek will take you around the Mount Manaslu proving the opportunity to observe the face of the towering peak from all sides.

Along the trail you can enjoy the authentic Nepali culture and traditional lifestyle of the local ethnic groups living in the region. The culture, tradition and lifestyle of the people in the region are still medieval as compared to that of the westerners. The feeling is so surreal that it is almost like going back in time to the medieval times. The people and the hospitality is so pure and natural which is so rare in the modern world where everything people say and do seem like a rehearsed act. The culture is largely similar to that of the Tibet and majority of the people are Buddhists.

As the region seeing more and more visitors every year, the teahouses facilities as well as the access to internet, electricity is improving. You can charge your electronics and batteries which is a life saver in the present time. Capturing the spectacular experience is one important achievement in itself as everything changes so rapidly with time and nothing will ever be the same. Given the logistics and everything, its highly unlikely that most of the traveler will ever do the same trek again and again.

The region is categorized as the restricted zone making it compulsory to get the special permit to enter the region and minimun of 02 person is required to get the permit. All the tourists visiting the region must first get the special permit from the Department of Immigration.