• Phoksundo Lake - A Significant Site in BonpoMythology
  • Typical Lifestyles and Classic Culture
  • Old Monasteries and Caves
  • A Thrilling Journey with Rough Pathways and Historic Trading Route
  • Phoksundo National Park's Exotic Flora and Fauna
  • The Stunning Trans-Himalayan Topography andAdventurous Excursion Encounter

About Shey Phoksundo Trek

SheyPhoksundo Trek is Nepal's finest off-the-beaten-path trek above 3600m known as Karnali's unseen blue pearl. Karnali, as we all know, is Nepal's unspoiled and unexplored region, far with the exception of the world today.

Buddhists and Bonpo believers revere Phoksundo Lake as a sacred site. SheyPhoksundo Lake trek route passes through Himalayan woods and traditional Tibetan communities and does not include any high passes.Through SheyPhoksundohiking, we provide you with a magnificent chance to explore an uncharted corner of the earth. SheyPhoksundo's journey is not so much a trek to SheyPhoksundo Lake, even though it is a narrative speaker trekking that welcomes you to really be a part of the Karnali people's story.

The journey is quick and delightful, but somehow it includes a gorgeous woodland portion, a spectacular lake, and an overview of Tibetan Buddhism culture. Hike to Phoksundo takes you through grazing lands, mountainous uphill routes, and drylands, all of which are typical of the incredible trans-Himalayan routes. Although the rural location does not offer many conveniences, the hospitality they deliver with a kind heart is a lasting memory.

Hundreds of devotees visit this holy lake every year to bathe in the lake's holy water. Dolpa's religion is categorized into two sections: upper and lower Dolpa. Upper Dolpa has traditional Tibetan culture, while lower Dolpa includes Buddhism and Bon, along with the Ringmovillage. Numerous sacred places, such as gompas, may be found at SheyPhoksundo Park. Shey Gompa, which was established in the 11th century, is the most well-known. Around 900 years ago, Thashung Gompa, located near SheyPhoksundo Lake was established for the first time.

If you wish to do excellent hiking, check out our Hikers Haven Dolpo Trek itinerary. For lengthier adventurous hiking, we also offer Upper Dolpo and Dolpo to Mustang Trek and similarly comparable short treks such as Rara Lake Trek.

Outline Itinerary

Detail itinerary
  • Day 1Arrival Kathmandu
  • Day 2Permit Procedure and afternoon fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj an hour flight
  • Day 3Fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal 2475m/ 30 minutes and trek to Dunai 2140m/3 hours walking
  • Day 4Trek from Dunai to Chhepka 2720m/5-6 hours walking
  • Day 5Trek from Chhepka to Jharana Hotel 3040m/4-5 hours walking
  • Day 6Trek from Jharana Hotel to Phoksundo Lake (Ringmo Gaon) 3640m/2-3 hours walking
  • Day 7Exploring SheyPhoksundo Lake
  • Day 8Trek from Phoksundo Lake to Chhepka 2720m/5-6 hours walking
  • Day 9Trek from Chhepka to Juphal 2475m/5-6 hours walking
  • Day 10Fly from Juphal to Nepalgunj 30 minutes flight and then afternoon fly back to Kathmandu an hour flight
  • Day 11Final Departure from Kathmandu

Tips & Ideas


Spring (March-May)

Spring is the greatest season for trekking in SheyPhuksundo, according to trekkers. Aside from the wonderful weather, this season also provides a wide range view of stunning and colorful rhododendrons in bloom. The temperature is reasonable throughout this time of year, and the weather is fantastic. You will be able to see Dhaulagiri and other mountains in all their glory.

Summer (June-August)

Summer is the beginning of the rainy season in Nepal. This season begins with blistering sun and gradually provides opportunities to monsoon. Heavy rains accompanied the onset of the monsoon, rendering trekking incredibly challenging. The trail becomes muddy and slippery, making trekking more tough and undesirable. Trekking in Nepal throughout this season is therefore not recommended.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is indeed a great time to go trekking. The temperature is medium in Autumn, the weather is pleasant, as well as the days are pretty much clear, allowing you to enjoy the absolutely superb panoramic views and the delightful forest of pine, rhododendrons, and other floras.

Winter (December–February)

Winter in Nepal has always been tough, and it has been even more so in the higher elevation areas. Since SheyPhuksundo is located at an altitude of 3,611.5 meters/11,849 feet, the walk wouldn't be difficult. Winter is the best possible time to go trekking in the low altitudes.

Phoksundo Lake Trek Difficulty

The Phoksundo Lake Trek is an intermediate to pleasant hike. At the Phoksundotrek, you'll reach its maximum elevation of 3612 meters. A maximum of 8 hours and a minimum of 3 hours will be spent walking. You'll be walking for about 6 hours every day on average. This hike is appropriate including both beginners and experienced backpackers.


Teahouses seem to be the most common type of trekking accommodations in the Dolpo region. The majority of the tea shops along the Dolpo route are created and managed by local residents.


On the Dolpo trail, you'll generally find dual accommodation. Twin beds are typical in single rooms, including some basic furnishings such as a small table or a chair. Since it will be cold at night, almost everything tea shop will provide blankets.


Numerous lodges, especially those on the lower altitudes, have western-style style bathrooms. Squat toilet seats can be found as you climb higher on the trail. Hot water is often not accessible in showers, and most tea houses charge for it.

Documents & Permits Needed For 12 Day SheyPhoksundo Lake Trek

SheyPhoksundo Lake is located in Nepal's upper Dolpo area. One of Nepal's restricted regions is the upper Dolpo. As a result, restricted area permission is required to visit Phoksundo Lake. A Tims card and the Sheyphoksundo National Park entrance card are the two necessary permits required to have trekked to Phoksundo.

  • Lower Dolpo Restricted Area Entry Permit
  • Upper Dolpo Restricted Area Entry Permit
  • SheyPhoksundo National Park Entry Permit (Not required for Lower Dolpo)