Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival Kathmandu (1340m)

    Namaste! We welcome you to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is an incredible city with Temples and Heritage sites in almost every nook and corner. Given the time, you can stroll around Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square before we meet for the paper works and documentation for the preparation of our trek starting the next day. Upon Arrival at the TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport), Kathmandu, our representative will receive you and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu. 

    • Day 2 Drive to SotiKhola

      We travel to Arughat - SotiKhola through Dhadingbesi, the Dhading district capital, after an 8-9 hour trip from Kathmandu across the western Himalayas. We reach Arughat, then SotiKhola, our trek begin location, on the bank of the BudhiGandakiriver, by a dirt road from Dhadingbesi, passing through lush hills.

      • Day 3 Trek to MachhaKhola

        On a rough rocky road that leads to the MachhaKhola, you'll hike upward and downward but also cross two beautiful waterfalls. After descending to the rice terraces, you'll climb to Labubesi, a Gurung settlement in the area. MachhaKhola Village is a small town located at an elevation of 870 meters just above MachhaKhola.

        • Day 4 Trek to Jagat

          To go to Khorlabesi, we cross a bridge which provides a few of the outstanding panoramas of the Ganesh Himal. Now from, a couple extra highs and lows will get us to Tatopani. We cross the BudhiGandaki River on a bridge after climbing the mountain over Tatopani, and now we traverse the collapse and continue up to the Dobhan by stepping on the eastern bank of the river on huge steps.

          • Day 5 Trek to Lokpa

            Today we will hike towards the Gurung hamlets of Philim and its lovely surroundings, a series of spectacular suspension bridges dominate our path today as we progressively make our hike up the route, via multiple waterfalls,. As we reach Lopka to complete our day on the trek, the trail climbs again and forks off into Tsum Valley, with the spectacular view of Ganesh Himal and ShringiHimal capturing our interest.

            • Day 6 Trek to Chumling

              We join the mystical Buddhist valley through thick rainforest including 3 main footbridges, then after an initial steep ascent, the rest of our journey to Chumling is remarkably simple, permitting us to sit and enjoy in the magnificence of the area.

              • Day 7 Trek to Chhokangparo

                Throughout the day, we gently continue climbing up the ShiarKhola, a tiny stream of the BudhiGandaki, with views of the Ganesh Himal as a backdrop, a little Tibetan monastery along our path alerting us of the valley's significant Tibetan origins. Our emergence to Chhokangparo, the valley's largest settlement, brings the day to a close.

                • Day 8 Trek to Nile

                  Although this is a short distance to the Nile, we could suffer altitude as we ascend, thus it is best to walk slowly above Chokhangparo to eliminate altitude issues. We go walking in Phurbe and Pangdun. Leaving the old old Buddha Stupa and traversing through the settlement of Chhule, continue upstream and cross the bridge to come at the Nile.

                  • Day 9 Trek to Mu Gumba

                    Today's hike leads you nearer to the Nepal-Tibet boundary in the Mountains, to Mu Gompa. Magnificent panoramas of the peaks surround our souls with sense of excitement as you hike up towards the target today. We embark on an adventure visit to a monastery termed DhepuDoma monastery whenever we reach at Mu Gompa after quite a 3 walk. Sightseeing of the adjoining higher elevations landscape and monastery supports us in acclimatize to the rising height.

                    • Day 10 Trek to Chhokangparo

                      On this day, you will proceed down to Chhokangparo after having morning breakfast. Following the same route, you will hike around four to five hours today passing throughLar village and RachenGompa. As we continue our hike, you will see the amazing colorful Buddhist flags along with the breathtaking view of mountains. On further walking, you will transverse a suspension bridge which leads you to your destination. 

                      • Day 11 Trek to LungdangGompa

                        This day, the walk goes through Dumji Bridge, different settlements, amazing landscapes and vegetations to the largest Gompa in this region, LungdangGompa. After walking for 5-6 hours continuously on Manaslu region, you will finally reach LungdanGompa. Hiking along with Ganesh Himal on you’re the way, you will enter in LungdangGompa

                        • Day 12 Explore Ganesh Himal Base Camp and back to LungdangGompa

                          The hike to the base camp takes about three hours, or maybe less, yet we are blessed with several of the best scenery of the enormous Ganesh Himal and the nearby snowy landscape whenever we arrive. We proceed downhill the road to GompaLungdang after a good length of time to admire the panorama. Also, trekkers are allowed to visit surroundings to learn something about Buddhist culture and local lifestyles. 

                          • Day 13 Trek back to Lokpa

                            It's the same journey back to Lokpa through Chumling, although there is an additional option via Ripchet which includes a stop at the footbridge. We'll take the route deeper into the woods, which would approximately 6 to 7 hours. After staying the evening in Lokpa, we'll arrange planning a trip to Jagat. 

                            • Day 14 Trek back to Jagat

                              Early in the morning, we will hike Jagat which leads you through the rhododendron forest, amazing dense pine forests and many more. Passing through Eklai Bhatti, Philim will help you to cross the fast flowing BudhiGandaki River on your way. After crossing river, you will reach to your final destination around 4-5 hours of walk. Experiencing the amazing lifestyle of locals, observation of red rhododendron forest, Buddhist gompas, exotic flora and faunas along with amazing Ginatic Mountains will take your breath away. 

                              • Day 15 Trek back to SotiKhola

                                This is the last day at Manaslu region. Crossing through some suspension bridge and walking via dense forest for about 8-9 hours walk will lead you to SotiKhola. On the way, you will pass via several local remote villages and observe the way of living in that region. 

                                • Day 16 Back to Kathmandu via bus

                                  You continue towards Kathmandu from Arughat. You've spent a large portion of the day on the highway, therefore once you're in Kathmandu, you could go immediately to your hotel room and relax. If schedule permits, you can discover the city's Newar traditions as well as taste their local recipes.