Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang Trek

  • Day 1 Arrival Kathmandu

    Namaste! We welcome you to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is an incredible city with Temples and Heritage sites in almost every nook and corner. Given the time, you can stroll around Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square before we meet for the paper works and documentation for the preparation of our trek starting the next day. Upon Arrival at the TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport), Kathmandu, our representative will receive you and transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu. 

    • Day 2 Trek/ permit preparation
      • Day 3 Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

        Visitors could have some leisure time this morning to just go exploring or buying groceries in Thamel, the tourist-attracting street. You will catch a flight to Nepalgunj in the noon. The Mountains to the north will indeed be observable from the plane.

        Individuals will be driven to your hotel after departure. The city is approximately 3 km away from Nepal's southern border of India. It is indeed pretty hot and muggy outdoors.

        • Day 4 Flight from Nepalgunj to Jhupal and trek to Dunai

          We are getting on a plane to Juphal today, which could last approximately 35 minutes. Our trip begins at Juphal. The trail passes through the tiny settlements since it falls. We continue anywhere along the river, crossing via RoopGhar, which includes a water mill, eventually arriving at the Dunai (2150m). You can see schools, a police station, and some government offices nearby. Overnight at the guest house.

          • Day 5 Trek to Ankhe

            One the way, you’ll encounter a wooden bridge and very few communities in Dhera and Rahagaon as you commence your hike along the densely forested ThuloBheri Valley.SheyPhoksundo National Park can be reached from Ankhe. To go to Ankhe from Dunai, you'll have to walk for 6-7 hours.

            • Day 6 Trek to Renje

              You will start your journey from Ankhe on day 4. Renje is your location for the day. The route would consist of grassy slopes with multiple peaks and troughs. Renje stands 3104 meters above sea level, and then a 7-hour trek would drive you crazy. Overnight at Lodge or Tea House.

              • Day 7 Trek to SheyPhoksundo Lake

                On this day, you depart the river as well as proceed along a trail that is elevated well above water. You'll cross a hilltop out at around 3,875m/12,713ft, beyond where you'll experience the most incredible views of a 300m/1,000ft waterfall, Nepal's greatest, then your first glance of Phoksundo Lake, a blue masterpiece. The walk thereafter passes via pine trees to the upper levels of the PhoksundoKhola and then on to Ringmo, including its mud-plastered chortens and mani walls.

                • Day 8 Trek to Chunemba

                  From Phoksundo Lake, you will hike for around 6 hours to reach Chunemba. On the day, you will observe the magnificent Tibetan lifestyle of local people along with the awesome mountain vistas.

                  • Day 9 Trek to Snowfield Camp

                    After accommodation in Chunemba, visitors will hike to an altitude of 4400 meters while you navigate your way to Snowfield Camp. It takes you about 7 hours to complete the walk. Snowfield Camp is however addressed as 'The Snow Leopard' under one of Peter Mathieson's finest books and its name ‘Snowfield Camp’ was drawn from it.

                    • Day 10 Trek to SheyGompa

                      In comparison to Nangdola, the hike to SheyGompa is quick, but it is extremely challenging. The entire trip lasts for 5-6 hours, so we'll be hiking along with Crystal Mountain. We'll cross Kangla Pass & proceed west on the thin Devil's route once we've officially passed the Dolpo region. We're awarded a wonderful view of Sonam Kang when we reach the summit of a towering peak at 400 meters.

                      • Day 11 Trek to Nam GaunGompa

                        The hike to NamgongGompa would be no simple task because we'll be walking for almost 6 hours. We walk a couple of extra kilometers to visit the village, experiencing incredible views of Mustang toward the east and thus the sparkling Crystal Mountain. The settlement enjoys a breathtaking panorama that overlooks Mt. Kanjiroba, RiuDhukta, and Tibet to the north.

                        • Day 12 Trek to Marang

                          Marang is a rural Dolpo community right near Ki. You will hike for around 7 hours at an altitude of 4350m. Also, Tourism and Animal Husbandry are the main occupations that people do living in this area.

                          • Day 13 Trek to Dora Sumna

                            From Marang, hikers will decline to Dora Sumna (3670 meters) on day 11. You'll cross through picturesque SungjerGompa and Luirgaon off your journey to Dora Sumna.

                            • Day 14 Trek to MishaGaun

                              On day 12, you'll explore MishaGaun, which itself is 4200 meters above sea level. This would take 5 hours so that you can get there. This route will guide you through the historic YangjerGompa, including some of the finest gompas in the area.

                              • Day 15 Trek to ShimenGaun

                                On this day, you will hike to ShimenGaun which will lead you through La Pass at an elevation of 5030 m observing the magnificent mountain vistas.

                                • Day 16 Trek to Tinje

                                  From south of PanjyanKhola, Mendo's trek trail rotates, moving over two trails. On either side of the river, we'll enjoy the beautiful mani walls and indeed the PuGompa as we move north towards the Tibetan border on our left.

                                  It's a small village with a mixed population, and everyone is honest and courteous of one another. We'll stay overnight in Thinje's lodge.

                                  • Day 17 Trek to Rapka

                                    We've planned to hike Rapka on yet another gorgeous day of our Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang Trek. Since the route seems to have a mix of peaks and valleys, we'll take it slowly initially try to catch up as things look interesting.

                                    Continuing the Panzang River south, we'll reach a fork in the river where another previous becomes the SulunKhola. As we progress, our path narrows and often rises vertically and horizontally, possibly leaving all of the flora behind.

                                    • Day 18 Trek to Charka

                                      The hike to Chharka is among the best on the planet. It has an easy-to-follow path that continues to decrease as quickly as feasible trekking. This then crosses Chharka La by pursuing the freezing, deep river. The LakkyanKhola narrows and thus becomes smaller, permitting us to easily exceed it.

                                      We're blessed with a breathtaking perspective of Mt. Dhaulagiri plus diverse vistas once we continue down the road. Overnight at Tent

                                      • Day 19 Trek to TulsiKhola

                                        TulsiKhola (4935 meters) would be your next stopover, which would require you seven hours to walk to. You'll drop to TulsiKhola via a difficult downwards trail from Charka.

                                        • Day 20 Trek to NakhkemKhola

                                          On this day, you will hike around 6-7 hours from NakhkemKhola.

                                          • Day 21 Trek to Kharka

                                            Our walk resumes from Chharka on a route that slopes hills through a meandering river. Following that, we take the appropriate fork south of Chharka, crossing the gorge on a rough elevation. We hold back as the valleys narrow, yet pick up speed before we enter the Great Plains meadows and stroll to Yak Kharka. The night is spent in a tent under the stars.

                                            • Day 22 Trek to GhamiPhedi

                                              This is a 9 hours' journey which is challenging as the trekking trails are a bit sloppy. During your hike, you will get a chance to cross Ghami Pass which is at an elevation of 5694 meters.

                                              • Day 23 Trek to Ghami

                                                The following day, your hike will start by crossing several rivers which consist of fluctuating hill slopes. On the way, you can observe different mountain vistas, lush forests, and somewhere desert-like areas which would be an amazing memory.

                                                • Day 24 Trek to Marang

                                                  On your way to Marang, you'll walk via multiple charming villages and gompas. GharGompa, at an elevation of 3950 meters, shines itself among the many gompas. 

                                                  • Day 25 Trek to Lo Manthang

                                                    About 6 hours of hiking from Marang, visitors will emerge in Lo Manthang, a historical Lo kingdom. Lo Manthang, because because of its historical culture, offers guests either a diverse experience of Tibetan culture. During your journey, you would have the opportunities to experience iconic gompas including Namgyal, Tinghar, and Kimaling.

                                                    • Day 26 Lo Manthang Acclimatization Day

                                                      Travelers might get tired after a regular walk of more than 20 days. Therefore, we provide an acclimatization day on the 24th day of Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang Trek. On this day, you would be blessed after the exploration of ancient Tibetan Stupas and Gompas along with wonderful mountain vistas.

                                                      • Day 27 Trek to YaraGaun

                                                        On this day, you will be hiking for around 6-7 hours crossing via different old villages to reach YaraGaun which is at an elevation of 3900 m.

                                                        • Day 28 Trek to Tange

                                                          This is the 26th day of your trekking. On this day, you will pass via some villages interacting with the local people living in this area. It takes nearly 5-6 hours to reach Tange. 

                                                          • Day 29 Trek to Tetang

                                                            On day 27, visitors would emerge in Tetang, at an elevation of 3040 meters, after hiking for 8 hours. In comparison to the former trails, this one is moderately challenging.

                                                            • Day 30 Trek to Muktinath

                                                              On this day, you will hike to Muktinath temple which is one of the holy sites for Hindu pilgrims and Buddhist Stupa as well. Similarly, there are 108 naturally made water taps through which visitors can take bath but you would not find hot water.

                                                              • Day 31 Trek to Jomsom

                                                                This trek from Muktinath to Jomsom (2700 meters) on Day 29 will require you 6 hours. This is the concluding day of your magnificent trekking experience. Jomsom serves as the hub for all public and private sector events in the Mustang region.

                                                                • Day 32 Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara

                                                                  This is the second last day of your trekking on which you will be departing to Pokhara after 25 minutes of flying. 

                                                                  • Day 33 Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu

                                                                    This is the final day of your trek where you will catch a plane from Pokhara airport which will directly land you at Kathmandu, City of Temples.